KC Hilites X Heat Wave Long Sleeve T-Shirt Yellow (SIZE 2XL ONLY)


This is what happens when you combine 50 years of off-road heritage and with the hottest eyewear brand in the off-road industry:

Introducing the KC X HEAT WAVE VISUAL capusle collection featuring glasses and gear co-branded with KC and Heat Wave, designed by Heat Wave Visual.

This KC gear throws it back to the retro 'original' smiley logo, that is arguable the most recognizable light cover ever produced. This is paired with Heat Wave's Billboard ICON on the back, followed up with KC's retro KC HILITES spellout underneath. To top it off the right sleeve is tagged with KC HILITES, and the right is the ICON repeat for the ultimate retro jersey look.

This project was brought to you by two brands working to push the boundaries in their respective fields to create some awesome gear for use both on and off the trail and to bring something fresh to the table to celebrate 50 years of helping you Adventure Further™.  The future is bright friends, here's to another 50.

Printed on a soft 100% cotton shirt right here in California.

Gotta get Highly Visual