Prescription Heat Wave Visual Glasses

Prescription Heat Wave Visual Glasses

How do I order prescription Heat Wave Visual glasses?

1: Select Your Frame:

Heat Wave offers four original frame designs available for our prescription program, for
both clear and tinted RX glasses: The Vise, Regulator, Cruiser and Supercat. Our
frames are all designed right here in California and offer a variety of looks for any face
shape or personal style. Check out all the prescription frames HERE

2: Checkout:

Once you've chosen a frame, selected the color and any lens add-ons, add the item to your
cart and complete the checkout. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after
successfully placing the order.

3: Submit Your Prescription:

State law requires that we must have a copy of a recent prescription (no more than a year old) to fill any custom RX order. This must be an eye wear prescription, measurements for contact lenses will not work. Please complete the prescription submit form and upload a scanned copy or clear/high quality photo here: Prescription Submission Form. If you cannot upload a copy of your prescription to our online form you can email a copy to

Please make sure that your prescription has your PD measurement – we cannot fill any RX order without this.

4: Receive:

After you've submitted your order and valid eye wear prescription we will get to work on
crafting your unique set of glasses. Each pair of Heat Wave Visual prescription lenses are
hand cut to your exact measurements by experts with over 30 years of experience. Please
allow 1-2 weeks for processing.


We offer single vision prescription lenses in both clear and tinted sunglasses. Additionally you can upgrade with a durable, anti-reflective coating and a polarized option for tinted sunglasses lenses. All of our lenses are hand cut out of high-strength, lightweight polycarbonate by experts with over 30 years of experience.


RX Heat Wave Visual glasses use the same durable, customizable platform as our regular sunglasses. The body of the frames are injection molded polycarbonate and feature our hardware-less hinge design. Available in four different styles to suit a variety of face shapes and aesthetics. If you need help selecting a frame please shoot us a message so we can assist you:

Can I try on the different frames to see which ones I like?

For sure, we know that pulling the trigger on a pair of prescription glasses is a big move. We'll send you out a box with all 4 frame styles available for our prescription program. Try them on to see which style you'd prefer, then send them back to us with the included return label. We'll either put the cost towards a prescription order, or refund you the price when we receive the frames back. That way you can safely place an order knowing that the style you selected will fit you. Check out the at home fit pack HERE.

How can I get a copy of my prescription?

You can easily obtain your prescription from your current optometrist, who are legally obligated to provide you with a copy. If you do not have a current prescription (no more than a year old) you can visit an optometrist or prescription eye wear provider and have a new one taken – although you may have to pay to make an appointment with private optometrist.

How do I read my prescription?

Single vision corrective lens prescriptions are made up of 4 basic values:
SPH (sphere), CYL(cylinder), Axis for both right and left eyes and a PD, which is the distance between your pupils. The image below shows where the values on your prescription are:

Return Policy for Prescription Glasses

All sales are final on prescription eye wear due to the custom nature of this product - No returns or exchanges can be made once the order has been submitted to our optical lab. If there are any specific issues related to prescription glasses received please contact us directly: