Heat Wave Isenhouer Racing LONG SLEEVE T-Shirt


    You've seen our name plastered down the side of this magnificent F150 for the past 2 years, annnnnnd you've probably seen the Heat Wave logo on the side of a black and gold F-100. This is Nick and Chris Isenhouer, two brothers hailing out of San Diego California that Heat Wave has proudly partnered with for nearly a decade now. Before we were anything, and they were just zinging their ranger around they supported us full force. As they have grown, we have been fortunate enough to grow with them.

    The entire Isenhouer family is a group of DIY indivduals who have built their program from the ground up and we couldn't be more stoked to finally release a line with their name, and truck on it. So alas, here it is - the Isenhouer Racing sweatshirt, featuring all the bells and whistles, including a BIG OL USA flag in the background, printed with subdued blues and reds for an authentic retro feel on a heavy long-sleeve that you won't let go of any time soon.

    100% cotton Long Sleeve. Printed here in the USA.

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