Featured: Harley Davidson

It's not every day your vehicle of choice gets featured by the manufacture who made it - A manufacture who is the cream of the crop when it comes to their class, and holds a 113 year legacy for making the most badass bikes known to mankind. A company who carved out a niche and who's creations spawned super-stars and legends, and is responsible for creating the image for what the world sees today as a biker, and bike culture all-together. So when Harley-Davidson decides to blast your bike to 1.4 million in tune followers it's something special. And even though it may have been just an Instagram/Twitter post it was an honor, and made our day that they decided to feature the Heat Wave Visual FXDB a couple weeks back. To see the entire 7th st. photo set for Harley-Davidson well, just keep scrolling.

Copy, view or save the photo source for FULL Hi-RES versions.

Chrome Gold Harley Davidsongold wrap motorcycle harley davidson

Gold Harley Davidson Gold Wrap bikeGold motorcycleavery chrome gold wrap motorcycleharley-davidson chrome gold bike

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