about heat wave visual

Your Vision. Your Style.  Heat Wave Visual® offers a wide range of Highly Visual products for those that demand more for their dollar. Each pair of glasses is fully customizable with swappable lenses, arms and frames for a truly unique product.

A little bit about Heat Wave Visual®: Heat Wave Visual®, founded by two individuals Justin Hertel, and Doug Karlson who sought to bring something more to the table in the eyewear market. Originally started as Party Shades Co. circa 2012 the brand sought to create an original, affordable and customizable sunglasses platform on a level never before offered.

Together we share a passion for design and customization, whether it's wrenching on cars, bikes, websites, graphics, whipping up some art, snapping photos or even making videos, we're creators at heart, so it was only natural that when we set out to create a brand of our own that we brought our interests with us. After a couple of years we decided to take the brand further into the spotlight of our direct interests, something we could push our true vision through - In March of 2014 Party Shades grew up and became Heat Wave Visual®

Over the past couple years with no shortage of hard-work, Heat Wave has grown by still sticking to our original virtues - creating original quality products, something that we ourselves are proud to wear day-in-and-out, and supporting those who share our passions and vision. We believe that if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself, so we still have a completely hands on operation - All of our glasses are designed in house and feature original artwork; from the logos, it's all done by us. We're even doing the website, marketing, e-mails and a majority of the order fulfillment, so when you get a pair of glasses from us, you are getting your product straight from the creators, and that right there is what makes the Highly Visual difference.

We'd love to hear from you. If you have any comments, feedback, hit us on the Heat Wave hotline

Heat Wave Visual®
8840 Forest St.
Gilroy, CA 95020