Customize your sunglasses on the fly - No hardware or tools required! - Heat Wave Visual

Customize and build your own Heat Wave sunglasses.

All Heat Wave sunglasses feature a hardwareless hinge design that allows for no hassle customization on the fly. With the simple twist of your wrist you can snap arms in-and-out of place. No pesky screws or microscopic tools required. Party-Tuff-Arms are available in an array of colors and designs to keep your kit top shelf at all times.
Heat Wave sunglasses also feature swappable lenses. To shuffle in a new set, simply grab the frame from the rear and firmly press the outer edge of the the lens increasing pressure until the lens fully pops out. It's soooooo easy! To reinstall a new lens grab the frame from the front and use your #1 thumb to pop the lens in starting at the nose, then with your #2 thumb apply pressure around the outside and guide the remainder of the lens into place. Lens packs are available in an array of auxiliary colors and shades. Enjoy the luxury of lurking, shining, and chilling in the same pair of shades. Can you feel that? That's your new zest for life kicking in.