How to: Heat Wave Sunglasses

Arm Removal:

Most Heat Wave Visual® sunglasses feature a hardwareless hinge design that allows for no hassle customization and assembly on the fly. With the twist of your wrist you can snap arms in-and-out of place. No screws or tools required. So even if life decides to deal you a wicked curve-ball and your shades are slammed, sat on, etc. it’s rarely a game ruiner. Just snap the arms back into place and you’re good to go.

How to remove Heat Wave Arms 1
With the frame facing away from you and the arm fully extended grab the arm near the hinge firmly with your dominant hand, while holding the frame with your non-dominate hand.
How to remove Heat Wave Arms 2
Then holding both the frame and arm securely simply twist the arm, rolling the arm off of the ball hinge.

Arm Install:

It is recommended that arms always be removed and installed in the same direction to increase the longevity of the hinge system. Always remove/install arms fully extended. Removing them at an angle, or when folded can cause premature wear or damage to both the arm and frame. Heat Wave Visual® replacement arms are available in our arms collection here.

How to remove and install lenses:

Most Heat Wave Visual® glasses feature removable lenses allowing you to swap lenses in and out to adapt to any situation, from to day to night and everything in-between Heat Wave Visual® has your eyes covered.

How to remove Heat Wave lens 1
Holding the frame from the rear use your thumbs to firmly press the lens outwards.
How to remove Heat Wave lens 2
Push the lens completely through the frame until it is fully popped out. (Don't worry, you will not break the lens or frame.) Repeat this motion for both sides.
How to install Heat Wave lens 1
To install the lens grab the frame from the front and use your non-dominant thumb to pop the lens in starting towards the nose bridge.
How to install Heat Wave lens 2
With your dominant thumb apply pressure around the perimeter and guide the remainder of the lens into place. Inspect to ensure that the lens is fully seated in its channel and clean with microfiber before use.

Just like our arms, a wide variety of Heat Wave Visual® lenses are available with different filters, tints and coatings and can be found and purchased in our lens collection here.

Also check out our video on this here:

How to side shields:

Slide on protection with the side shields. Simply push on and pull off.

How to install Heat Wave side shields
To attach the side shields to your sunglasses simply slide them on from the rear of the arm until it snaps into place on top of the hinge.
How to remove Heat Wave side shields
Close the arms half way exposing the edge of the side shield. Push up under exposed edge of side shield to release side shield lock on arm and at the same time push the side shield back sliding it off the arm.

How to Future Tech Lens Swap:

Changing out your Future Tech lens is easy and requires no tools, just grip and rip.

How to remove Future Tech Lens
Grip the frame from the side shield and firmly pull lens out. If you're right handed, grip with your left and rip with your right, and vise versa.
How to install Future Tech Lens
To reinstall the lens into your Future Tech simply insert lens into upper lens channel, then click side mounts into place. If you're brow window is flush with the frame it's installed properly.