Treasure Island Music Fest Photo Post: FLABONDING.

by A. Sanders October 18, 2012

Dr. Doug performing a humane de-beaking operation as #1 Neil looks on in anticipation.


#1 Neil & Dong with the first set of flabongos down the hatch.

Dong & Juice catching a quick break. Flabongo!

The display we had was really something to be seen. Literally a billion shades up there.

First customer shade & flabongo combo deal!

And just like that, they kept flowin'

Did you know there was a huge solar flare on Sat? We watched it safely from behind our UV400 lenses.

Sun Down, Flamingos UP! Doug & Justin

#1 Neil is a world record limbo champ. Here he is proving his worth.

10 billion flabongos later things start to get a little hazy.

Grant loading up!

And another perfect photo op.

Fla-Bonding with our customers.


Dropped my shades for a quick photo op infront of the Ferris wheel - All black Supercats with AMBER LURK lens pack.

Dual stage madness - crowd was heating up!


A little monochrome stage action.


Prettttttttty ass death wheel.

Photo op. with the cutie at the beer booth.

Wide-Eyed double fist steez.

And another!

The mans expression says it all.

Back for round 2!


Party Shades sunglasses mega carne asada super burrito big boy brand with a lit display. RINSED DAT SHIT!

Cool neighbor girls from beauty parlor a go-go. #DANCEPARTYALLSTARTRUCK! They hated us!

Security looking for lost contact lenses.

Girl talk stunting on our bitch asses.

#1 Neil diggin' the show.



There we go!

Pretty Litter.

Canadian Flabongo sesh. about to go down.

(insert triple flabongo emoticon here)

Dough about to show the world how yinz do's it.

#1 salesmen Neil taking his celebratory fabongo on day #2

Amazing snake charmer dance moves.

Celeb. salesmen Erik Bailey & Randy "Roadhouse" Spizer.

Can't stop, won't stop. Flabongos up and eyes wide as a mothafucka.

Ivan and Bailey with a their birds in the air.

Happy Feet put in work all day.

Fla-Bonding experience with the homies.

Roadhouse loves 'em

So much he's going for another with the crew.


A poetic end to our first event. Thanks to everyone who came out and chilled - and a HUGE double thank you to anyone who purchased a set of shades - See you soon.


A. Sanders
A. Sanders

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