Inspiration: Bernie Went Parasailing?

1989 embodied one of the last golden eras in American culture. This time marks a point when society's untethered fun balloon was reaching lofty new heights, chocked with neon and pastel colors, loose fitting leisure fashions, Walkmans were fresh on our heads, boat payments were the only reason anybody showed up to work, Laserdics were a status symbol, and damn near every car on the market was still carbureted. Big messy hair doos topped our skulls, and if you HAD a computer, you were just a fucking nerd. Quite frankly I think the people who were in charge were still neck deep in a mountain of cocaine and had either lost their marbles, or were on the way to loosing them and just didn't give a shit. I mean just take one look at the Hollywood summer time gem, Weekend at Bernie's and try and tell me that I'm wrong. What a hilarious and entirely corny concept to drag your dead boss around as a key card for an event filled weekend of partying and hi-jinx. I can only imagine the crack pot of goofs that got together that put this masterpiece into play, and it obviously struck a harmonious chord with the public as it had multiple sequels released afterwards. Party Shades draws a decent amount of inspiration from this fun loving era of yesteryear because it was a time where it felt better than ever to escape it all, to just get loose and enjoy the weekend and just life in general... And how to make the best of a situation, even if you were stuck toting around your dead dick head of a boss.



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