I know what I want to do when I grow up: The Mint 400

When it all boils down, there is us and there is them, and I am willing to best every last red cent I own that the grass is greener on the other side of this fence... ermm... I mean browner, dirtier and loaded with a ton more rocks.

While the rest of us are fiddling with school, jobs or the countless other regular diaper messes that make life what it is, these people have found life's proverbial hot ticket. I'm not trying to be prolific or anything, but just imagine flying through the desert at 100+ MPH in a purpose built rig, FOR A LIVING. Your job as a professional race truck driver is only second to flying jets for the military, which probably has way too much smart guy math involved with it to enjoy it anyways. In reality these guys are all just kids with adult numbers attached to their SSN who moved up the next level. I'm afraid Peter Pan was a narrow minded bed wetting brat, and missed the bigger picture. That picture is The Mint 400, put on by BITD, which I just so happen to take a bunch of. Enjoy!

So we all decided to do this one right. Got a rig of our own, loaded it down and headed out to the one and only Mint 400, located right out side of Las Vegas to cheer on the only Trophy Truck driver ever to sport Party Shades, #35 Jason Voss.


Doing it NASCAR style out in the BLM.


Not a whole lot beats $1.99 Country Club Malt Liq's. Well, actually everything does.


Trophy Trucks barreling our way.


This story contains a spoiler. The Redbull truck with Menzies at the helm takes the cake. Here he is flying at about 120 MPH through a section of #WHOOPS.


You know you've made it when your truck is worth more than the chase-copter. BJ Baldwin!



Pat Dean with LVDC motorsports kept it flying in their buggy.


Hometown hero, homie, and #sleepychampion Jason Voss kept it real classy in the #35 Voss Motorsports truck - Taking 4th place.


#32 Shawn Croll









The Lofton Cattle buggy #1577 was ripping all damn day - bet that thing makes for a great hearder back on the ranch.





If you are blasting through the desert, cool babes will come watch you.



And so will Kris at Rehab Moto - http://www.rehabmoto.com/


And Ricky Rinauro


Gramps is also guaranteed to show.


While #35 Jason Voss flies past.


2nd placer, Mark Wehirch placed 2nd in this sun setting shot.



With Jason not far behind...


We cheersed, we chilled, we cheered. We soaked in the Nevada desert sun and filled our lungs with dust. It was a weekend for the books, and I know for one can't wait to do it all again. You can check out even more photos on our Facebook page here.

Oh, and then there is this...



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