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San Jose Bike Party, Feat. Long Arms & The Crew

A few good individuals have been putting on a group ride in San Jose called the San Jose Bike Party for quite a few years now. Basically what happens is once a month a route (somewhere around the city of SJ) is posted, along with a meet up spot and 1,000's of bikers from all over come to hit the 18 mile trek around the town. There are random spots along the way with food, music, and random hi-jinx.


Usually there is some type of theme (this one was no pants, as demonstrated by Doug) and I think I misunderstood, because I thought it was long arms... Actually, a couple of weeks ago I was just thinking about how funny it would be to see a dude with super long arms riding a bike at night. The utter thought of it made me crack up so I drew a little pic and passed it around the office, but I don't think anyone really understood... So I said F the actual theme and built the long armed ride. Because, I wanted a pic for myself of it. I died laughing multiple times while building it and I think some others got a kick out of it too, which is cool.


Anyways, The entire ride was a freaking hoot and a half as, and I think we had about as much fun as you can possibly have on bicycles. Here are just a few pics from our ride...


Our meet-up spot - American as it gets.

Doug testing the waters using our arms to punch a shotgun hole.

I had some hair-brained scheme to build a super-chopper just for fun (more on that later). Here we are putting it together and getting ready to hit the ride.


It works - It really works!



This thing was a blast to ride around.


Long Arm Willy and Doug


Tons of photo ops with the long arm kid.



Derek was ruling with the king NASCAR getup



The whole crew for the night.




Dre Hazing me at one of the stops. This dude is scum.


I saw this dude biking the other night... LOL



The arms parted the bikers like the red sea. They also worked great as a landmark for me to regroup with the crew.


And Doug getting his sick jollies off at the last stop...


For the full album check out the post on our FaceBook here.

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