HI-VIS CREW: Jason Voss secures Best In The Desert series CHAMPIONSHIP in the Trophy Truck class

(Photo courtesy of get some photo)

Hi-Vis crew member Jason Voss just secured the title for the Best in the Desert 2013 series in the Trophy Truck class (creme de la creme). That took hard work, determination and persistence by the entire Voss Motorsports crew + a hell of a lot of skilled, pedal to the metal, make one mistake and you're end-over-end driving by Jason himself. Big ups to Jason and the whole Voss Motorsports crew from us (and all their official sponsors who really help make it happen)

Being the champion in his division one could only assume that it came with a trophy. Well I went over to Jason's to check it out and I was blown away. It was the largest, most awe inspiring trophy I had ever seen...

And now you know why they call it the Trophy Truck class.

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