Fire in the Sky custom sunglasses and one of the most terrifying moves I've ever seen.

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

― Arther C. Clarke


Fire in the Sky was one of those movies that confirmed why I am terrified of aliens. Not because of the aliens per say, but because it's supposed to be based on a true story, and nothing is scarier than the possibility of it actually being true, which makes it feel like... It could happen to me.

Anyways It's about some AZ good old boys, just doing their thing to get by, you know cutting logs and such in the forest. One day when leaving their work site they encounter what looks like a glowing ball of light - thus the fire in the sky name... Well, this curious fellow Travis Walton decides to get out of the truck for a closer look, instead of running for his life like I would have done... What happens next is what you would expect. He gets beamed up like a cool star trek episode, except it was anything but cool, or star trek.

Since he was missing the whole small town that these guys reside in think these guys telling this story have instead killed their pal and are making the whole abduction thing up. Well low and behold Travis shows up 5 days later, visibly shaken. The dude is not the same. In the movie, they don't run through the actual account of the bone chilling abduction until the end. These aliens weren't your pizza slanging, party down type of dudes. They were bad dudes, doing bad dude shit. One would assume that they did mean things to all sorts of creatures. So as the story goes, Travis wakes up in some cocoon, breaks free and his curiosity would again get him into trouble. He wanders the ship and ends up drawing their attention... And of course they track him down and make him pay. Lucky for him he was able to bop one in the head and since he proved to be a 'risk' they sent him back to earth, but not without mental and emotional scars that would haunt him for the rest of his cotton picking tree picking life... But hey, at least they put him back where they found him.

In an ode to this terrifying story we release the Fire in the Sky customs, because nothing makes you feel alive, or that you want to live more than a little bit of fear Two possibilities exist; Cruisers or Supercats - both are $26





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