Heatwave X Iguanas: The HI-VIS wrap-up


We recently teamed up with our good friends at the DT SJ location for Iguanas (home of the burritozilla) to create an event, along with a custom pair of sunglasses that represented their brand, along with ours. We came up with an Iguana skin print in their company colors (a mix of greens and orange) and attached them to a mix of our proven frame styles and colors. These sunglasses were given away with purchases to promote the Iguanas happy hour menu, along with the Heat Wave brand. People showed up from all over SJ (and beyond!) to enjoy great food, hang with friends and pick up some fresh shades just in time for summer. All-in-all we got to hang with our buds, meet and greet with tons of people, hand out shades, and made some great connections. With that said, we can't wait to do it again.

A little surprise for the Iguanas bros...

An entire trunk full of Heat Wave Vis. Sunglasses - 300 pair in all.

Heat Wave Visual X Iguanas - Iguanas in the wild!

Heat Wave Visual X Iguanas - details

People lining up!

Sammy Locs checkin' the line

Line checking from across the street

Stoop chilling. Heat Wave Vis. X Iguanas

super human hand-off and grab abilities.


So many people showed up crowd control was required.

We even saw some Party Shades gear!

DJ Goldenchyld, as always was on point with the fresh jams.

Doug slaying with the POV Thumbs-up cam. Jimmy, amused. maybe.


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