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Whiskey Faders + Major Arm Restock


The Whiskey Fader is our first Faded edition to the Regulator line, featuring an in-house custom matte black fade over a translucent whiskey colored lower. These are completed with Regulator arms, loaded with gold metal emblems. Guaranteed HIGHLY VISUAL.

Check out the Whiskey Faders here.


Our Semi-Gloss black arms with metal badge inlays. As featured on the Regulator & Cruiser sunglasses.

Add a touch of class to your setup with our timeless floral full-print arms. Set things off by matching them with other floral patterns, or wear them on their own. Guaranteed fresh, printed in California. Now available with Floral printed on Nova Red.

Snap in a set of the Hyper Space arms and get galactic. These arms feature a highly visual space full-print on both sides, the detail on these arms was so good it actually caused N.A.S.A to call it quits on its space program... Now available on Nova Red.

For those in an endless pursuit of leisure - Now available in Volcanic, Tropical Turq. and Simco woodland.





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