Jason Voss' Halloween Gokart Extravaganza photo set.

Jason Voss has been holding what may just be the best Halloween party on the face of the planet for the past 2 years now. They are so wildly successful, he doesn't even need to show up anymore. I'm sure he would have been there, but he was off testing big-boy racing things, which is quite alright in my book.

Track is prepped and the watchers are watching!

Start your engine Mario

Captn' Milazo

Mooshed Pumpkins

Mario Driftin'

Ricky Rhinaro was fast all night.

Hollywood and Hog out with your Hog out mid battle

Most photogenic Kart Man award goes to Ron Burgandy AKA 2312 Stephen.

Krome Kart on the sidelines

The karnage was real - Karts were breaking all-night.

Award for best loss of a tire goes to TVB Paul

Serious fixes going down in the pits.

Even the girls were gettin' it in.

Travis had a real handful...

Weirdest Kart award goes out to Joey Walbrinck - The HELL is this thing?


OoOooooOooooohhhhhh - Paco Award goes to Hollywood

Most broken Karts award goes to Marc

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