Beards and Barbells X Heat Wave Visual

We recently teamed up with our long time friend Todd Wise with Beards and Barbells who is an inspiration when it comes to getting out there and making it happen. Todd shows us that no matter where your passion lies, that if you have your mind right, and you have the drive you can make your dreams a reality. Todd takes the same systematic and regimented work ethic required to increase your physical fitness levels and transferred it over to business. Todd took the plunge a couple years back and capitalized on his expertise, and in a new and flourishing market started his own brand @beardsandbarbells and simultaneously his own gym @sundowncrossfit which was by no means an easy feat. Todd still runs both the brand and runs classes daily at his gym, and truly enjoys helping people better their lives through physical fitness. That my friends is success no matter how you look at it. To add more options to his growing brand, we collaborated to create a limited edition set of SuperCat sunglasses, branded with his Beards and Barbells™ slogan, Beards and Barbells which is available for purchase, exclusively through his web site now www.beardsandbarbells.com

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