Introducing the new and improved SuperCat 1.5

At Heat Wave Visual we're always striving to improve in every aspect of what we do, the progression is necessary for growth, for us as individuals, and for the company itself. The creation of our frames is no exception and learning from the past is important as we aim to only make better products. That's why we're proud to introduce the new and improved SuperCat 1.5 - stronger, thicker, better, faster - We addressed problematic areas of the original SuperCat making the 1.5 thicker in the brow and cheek area, and increasing overall depth to not only make them more durable, but to also make them fit and feel more substantial. If you are a SuperCat fan, you're going to love the all new SuperCat 1.5 - Available initially in tortoise only, with metal emblems and lenses of your choice now here.


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