We're OUTATIME! Hover Board inspired custom sunglasses

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads...

Outatime customs: Time Travel, flying cars, gigawatts, self lacing shoes and the ultimate dream for any kid of the 80's: Hover boards. Back To The Future was the movie that forever changed our perception of what the future could be - the OUTATIME custom sunglasses are our way of getting closer to that vision. It seems like just yesterday Marty McFly and Doc Brown were hitting 88mph and zipping into the distant future (2015) and with that they created a classic cult following for the items and imagery that would hold the test of time for decades to come. But now it's 2015, where's my goddamn hover board you bojo?! In 1989 it seemed for certain we'd be flying inches above the ground on neon hover boards. Well, we're OUTATIME... However, we've realized our own version of the Hover Board, put to 2 arms on a pair of sunglasses that are guaranteed to stay off the ground and seamlessly hover along with you all day long, albeit on your head... all the while protecting your precious rods and cones from harmful UV rays.

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