Featured: The Highly Visual Yeti Trophy Truck makes waves at Axial

Axial Yeti Trophy Truck by Heat Wave Visual

R/C cars has been one of those things that I have been into since the beginning. It's flat out fun, and safe. I've said it a million times, but it's the only form of racing where you can push it past your limits and not get hurt. As of late off-road racing has been all the rage here at Heat Wave Visual, so you can bet I had my fair share of short course RC cars to get in on the action. Axial has been bringing scale realism to the RC world for a bit here now with their rock crawlers, and buggies so it was only a matter of time before they dropped the hammer on a trophy truck, and you can bet that I was probably the first one on the planet to pre-order order one the day it was announced.

Fast forward about a month or so to when this thing shows up - My excitement was that of a kid on Christmas. The thing is built extremely well, sporting a real 4 link setup, a real rear axle, scale BFG tires, and a cut out body to expose a scale cage and tire rack. The details are there to keep any off-road Trophy Truck enthusiast satisfied, all the way down to the drivers, dash and little fire extinguishers. Currently sold ready to run for $459 this thing cannot be beat.

Of course only available package includes Axial's green Raptor-esq TT body, and being that I'm never happy with stock - The green had to go. So what I did was strip the body of stickers, roughed it up and laid down some matte gold, then remade any black panels, along with tons of Heat Wave Visual logos on our vinyl cutter to dress it up.

Axial Rigid light bars were added to give it a little flare, and to light the way at night - finishing touches were provided with a gold paint pen to mark the tires.

Check out the pictures below for more Highly Visual details on the Heat Wave Axial Trophy Truck build.

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