Desert Thunder - A Heat Wave Blockbuster

Desert Thunder - A Heat Wave Blockbuster

The Heat Wave execs are after the NEXT BIG THING and have begrudgingly given Dillon (Boots on the Ground) the green light to produce their summer 2022 blockbuster.

With attention spans at an all time low, and the mass spread of sub 30 second videos, Dillon ignores the trends and insists on doing things his way. Armed with the largest Heat Wave film budget to date he brings the boys (Nick + Chris Isenhouer, Darren Parsons, Dylan Schmoke) and even Optic Helicopters together in attempt to complete his big action epic.

The heat is on, the sun is down, and dust is flying. Will Dillon be able to deliver? Or will his attachment to analog spell disaster for the project? Find out as the crew white knuckles through the explosive action in DESERT THUNDER.

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