Double or Nothing - The 2018 Gambler 500

Double or Nothing - The 2018 Gambler 500
500 miles in a couple of $500 junkers... We here at Heat Wave attend all sorts of events throughout the year, but the Gambler 500 was our first event to get behind the wheel. So we gathered up $900 bucks and got ourselves two junker 1984 Volvo 240 turbo cars (1 wagon, 1 neat sedan.) It took us months to get them running right, and just days before the event we were blindsided with major issues that almost prevented us from even going, but at the final hour things fell in place and the rest is history A media project in conjunction with Perplexed Media Special thanks to the following companies for enabling us to make this happen. The Gambler 500 Race Line Wheels Heat Shield Products KC Hi-lites Orca Coolers Artec Fab

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