FREE Heat Wave Visual sunglasses Saturday June 24th at the DT SJ Iguanas location

 We've teamed the champions of timeless burrito luxury at Iguanas for the 4th year in a row to kick off summer by bringing you the best deal in the entire state. Buy any Iguanas lunch and get yourself a free pair of Heat Wave Visual Sunglasses (Pretty much a $50 value) - It's that simple. We'll be handing out a mix of custom Iguanas X HWV collab. sunglasses with each purchase.

Supplies are limited so get it in while the getting is good.

When: This Saturday June 24th starting at 11am

Where: Iguanas Burritozilla 330 S 3rd. St. San Jose, CA

This event takes place exclusively at the Downtown San Jose Iguanas location Offer is valid between the hours of 11am- 2pm, or while supplies last - Get there early. Mix of frame styles will be given out.

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