The 1st Annual Heat Wave Motor Classic - Was just that. A CLASSIC.

The 1st Annual Heat Wave Motor Classic - Was just that. A CLASSIC.

Our Inaugural event ever at the Heat Wave HQ was an absolute success. After stirring the pot on social media we were left unsure of the turnout. Safe to say that we exceeded all expectations on all fronts...

We had race cars, pikes peak hill climb world record holder cars, sand cars, sprint cars, rat rods, hot rods, drift cars, slammed cars, lifted cars, lifted trucks, drag cars, track cars, street cars, cool cars, and a few junkers. Classics, moderns, restomods, g-machines, choppers, sport bikes, classic sport bikes, sportys, dynas, FXRs, baggers, groms, rock crawlers, dirt bikes, desert trucks, trikes, bikes, and boats. and I saw SXS's yes, I did... and Super Cars, Kit Cars, and everything from low displacement to large displacement, turbos, super chargers, nitrous, NA you name it. We had everything, including an amazing turnout of awesome individuals where the sun shone all day where several hundred awesome respectful individuals had a great time.

Here's just a glimpse at some of the HEAT from the 2021 Heat Wave Motor Classic, as most cars were lined down 3 streets.

Photos set Stefan Thor and Kevin Zenith.

People were able to wash down their BBQ with a special edition beer from Promised Land Brewing & Pour Decisions Taproom, the "CALI VISE." Complete with the matching Michelada cup. It was a special brew just for the Heat Wave Crew.

Hundreds of people rolled out for the classic, it was hard to get a solid number as we were having too much fun ourselves. We had every kind of car imaginable; Drift Cars, Ratrods, Tuners, Classics, Domestics, Imports, Motocycles, SXS, and many more!

Thanks to all of our friends who came out for this event. Already looking forward to the next event we have have at HQ! See you soon!

@pourdecisionstaproom / @promisedlandbrewing / @zucsfrontyardbarbeque

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