Holley X Heat Wave Visual

Holley X Heat Wave Visual

 Holley Sunglasses

An absolute powerhouse in the motorsports aftermarket, Holley is a house hold name when it comes to hot rodding and performance. Housing heritage brands under its vast wings such as; NOS, Weiand, Hurst, Earls, B&M, MSD, Earls, Flowmaster, Demon, Accel, Hooker, Racepak, Mallory and many more. Not only that, Holley has been hosting some of the best events across the nation such as LS Fest, Ford Fest, MoParty continuing to not only produce thousands of quality parts, but to evolve car culture as a whole.

Holley Sunglasses

When it came time to work with Holley we got our motors moving. We aimed to represent as many of the brands under their expansive umbrella as we could; Each arm is covered tip to tail with tonal gray logo prints, with Holley’s logo above all in white. The negative space is knocked out showing the black arm’s matte finish beneath.

Holley by Heat Wave Visual

This setup is built on Heat Wave’s best-selling Vise frame, which is a meeting of classic and modern styles to create a superior design that is uncompromising and bold with its hard lines, squared up shape, and relaxed fit.

Holley X Heat Wave Visual Sunglasses

The cherry on top for the capsule collection is the Holley branded HWV racing themed shirt. Featuring the Heat Wave ICON mixed with Holley and some of it's most prominent brands in a high-octane red hot gradient on a long-sleeve jersey or t-shirt.

Holley X Heat Wave T-Shirt

All this is available in limited quantities now through Heatwavevisual.com

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