Introducing The Future Tech

Introducing The Future Tech

The full reveal is here. We’re proud to announce the beginning of a stronger, faster, more innovative future for Heat Wave Visual. Introducing The Future Tech.

On an endless mission to bring something new to the table we’ve dedicated countless hours to not only improve upon previous products but to create a look that is as functional as it is unique in appearance. We’ve taken your feedback, and what we’ve learned along the way to create the next evolution in performance eyewear for Heat Wave Visual.

The Future Tech features a seamless lens lock & support system along the side shields and a bold brow window across the top, which shows the lens through the top of the frame and gives them an aesthetic unlike anything on the market.

The wrap-around frame design integrates built-in side shields that meets ANSI Z87+ requirements – right out of the box. This side shield frame allows the lens to wrap around further, and pushes the lateral protection further past your peripheral, offering more coverage and a much wider field of view than our previous add on side-side shield variants.

The flat lens features a Push-Lock attachment system that allows you to swap the Future Tech’s impact resistant lenses in and out easily using your bare hands. Just grip it and rip it.

New and exclusive to the Future Tech is a Low-Pro arm designed with performance and all-day comfort in mind, which also allows for a better fit with headwear, from hats to helmets. The arm is double injected with rubberized (Hytrel) contact pads for comfort, flexibility, and grip. The Future Tech and Lazer Face also share our new and improved nose piece (Also Hytrel).

Last but not least we take durability and the longevity of our product seriously. The Future Tech utilizes a combination of industry leading Nylon Polyamides and Thermo-plastic materials that give these an exceptionally lightweight, flexible fit while providing higher heat and chemical resistance than before, which we have carefully selected and tested with a goal to make these our most durable design to date.

Welcome to the future.

Release ETA: Early Spring 2021
Base Price: $75 (USD)

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