Introducing the Lazer Face, for kids.

Introducing the Lazer Face, for kids.

Introducing The Kids Lazer, features our performance design tailored to fit most children ages 1-12.

Kids Heat Wave Sunglasses

These aren’t your average kids glasses, these feature the same 1.9mm thick single shield lens lens that is featured on the adult sized Lazer, which is UV400 / 100% UVA blocking, with matching reflective coatings.

Lazer Face for kids

The lens is locked into an Ultra-flexible, TPEE thermoplastic frame that bends like rubber for both durability and to ensure that they fit the mass array of developing heads shapes and sizes. These have been tested on kids aged 1, all the way up to full-sized adults and will flex to fit almost anyone.

Lazer Face Kids Aqua Splash

Each part of the Kids Lazers, is permanently secured to prevent the loss of parts, and to reduce the risk of potential choking hazards.

The kids Lazer is finished with matching arms, adjustable lace shade-saver, micro-fiber, and box for the ultimate pair of kids sunglasses.

3 colors - Lazer Face Kids sunglasses

-Includes Microfiber bag, & matching rope Shade-Saver
-TPEE frames with metal inlay logos
-Non-Customizable - Fixed nose piece, and pinned arms

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