Introducing the QUATRO

Introducing the QUATRO

In a never ending quest to outdo ourselves and improve our eyewear  -  Heat Wave is proud to announce  our latest design, for the ones who refuse to slow down and take notes on what the rest of the pack is doing: The Quatro.

We've taken Heat Wave's heritage design features and reimagined them with a  race inspired, smooth profile and premium fit. The Quatro's comfortable subframe is covered by a striking single shield lens and completed with a contrasting metal brow accent.

A single lens... So they're like Lazers? Not quite.

The Quatro while inspired by the success of the Lazer, goes completely in its own direction. Spec wise it sits slightly wider but not nearly as tall. Main features of the Quatro include a fully integrated nose in a traditional style frame with a one piece lens that is placed on the front and secured completely from behind.


The Quatro is no doubt smooth and sleek and is perfect for anyone looking for something different, or simply just trying to grow their Heat Wave collection. Available now starting at just $60 here.

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