K&N X Heat Wave Visual

K&N X Heat Wave Visual

K&N Sunglasses

We are proud to officially announce we have teamed up with K&N to produce the ultimate in Highly Visual sunglasses.

K&N is no stranger auto/motorsports world; A household name, and the clear leader in aftermarket air filters and intakes, So when it came time to make this project happen we pulled out all the stops. This officially licensed product is put together on our best-selling Vise sunglasses featuring black frames with K&N logos on each arm, followed perfectly with our bold billboard logo. The glasses come packaged in the world-famous trademark K&N style box, and are even placed inside a custom K&N air cleaner print microfiber bag. The details are all there on this one and now after many teases on social media, you can finally get your hands on a pair of these limited edition sunglasses for just $45, with your choice of either black or Sunblast lenses.

Get your K&N X Heat Wave Visual sunglasses here.

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