NEW Heat Wave Defender hard case

Your hard earned investments deserve to be protected, so we're stepping up and providing a superior way to transport and safeguard your Heat Wave sunglasses. Proudly introducing our fully custom Defender Carry Case - the perfect compliment to any pair of Heat Wave sunglasses. This case offers ample room for a pair of glasses along with storage for extra arms and lenses for when you need to switch your setup on the go. 

The Defender Carry Case was designed with the following features to protect what's yours:

  • Custom injection molded exterior shell with rubberized Heat Wave patch securely encases your shades
  • Gold metal zipper closure with our Palm Icon zip pull
  • Extra layered EVA protective foam interior compartment
  • Additional storage slots to hold extra arms and lenses 
  • Easily stowable measuring in at 7.5" x 4.5" x 2.75"

Get yourself into a Defender case here.

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