First Look: The 1988 HWV LSA GTA Project

First Look: The 1988 HWV LSA GTA Project

LSA Fire Bird

What was once considered chain-link, redneck junk is soon to be solid gold - That's right, Third-Gen stock is on the rise. You may have seen this black beauty from 1988 gracing our IG page and whipping high-revving donuts on a ton of IG accounts over the past few weeks - That's because it went under a serious 14 month over-haul. You may have seen this thing first grace our account almost 2 years ago when it was first purchased. Well, nothing stock can stay so after just a few short months it went under the knife to get the full treatment - And since we like to do things ourselves over here, we did just that. Everything except exhaust and intake was done at home, as a little side project. And while it's still not quite finished, it's daily driver ready and completely rippable throwing down 620+HP to the rear wheels with the help of a LSA drivetrain (GM Factory Super Charged LS3).

LSA Third Gen Firebird

The car was gone through tip-to-tail and nearly every single component was either replaced or upgraded with a high-performance counterpart, but to make things simple the noteworthy upgrades include

  • Full Detroit Speed Suspension, front and rear, with JRI adjustable coil-overs
  • Hawks Reinforced 8.8 Rear End
  • Gen V 14" Brembro brakes
  • Hydroboost Braking system
  • Borla XR1 3.5" Exhaust system
  • GM LSA, with Lingenfelter GT14 cam
  • Mcleod RXT Clutch
  • TR6060 6 speed trans
  • Rotiform LHR 10.5x18 wheels
  • Falken 315 30/R18 on all 4 corners
  • Heat Shield Products throughout

From the engine compartment, you can tell the car is still far from finished,  but the end result will be one that almost resembles the stock 88 GTA, albeit with subtle modern upgrades that even requires even the enthusiast to look at the details and read between the lines to really notice everything has been changed. That is all until you hear it...


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