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13 Halloween costumes ideas made better with our sunglasses

You have 15 days until the day of doom and sweat treats. What are you gonna dress up as this year? No idea? Well here are a few solid bad ass ideas, made infinitely better with a pair of Party Shades.

The Cheetah: I'm gonna start this one out easy - Take your run of the mill Halloween cheetah costume - Add some shades with the Street Cheetah arms to get it up to speed (Be sure to add a pair of shades savers if you really ain't playin') Costume bonus: you can wear the shades after Halloween and people won't think you're some type of weirdo. Because you know, cheetah is all the way in right now.



The Cheetah (dudes): That's right, what was once a male faux pas is now reserved for the cool dudes. Take advantage of this trend while it's still masculine. For those worried about photos coming back to haunt them, you can go as Chester Cheetah, dudes been bad to the bone since day one and snacks on nothing but junk food. SNAP INTO IT!


The Zebra: Ladies, let's face it. I've never seen a zebra for Halloween. #Rarerthanbigfoot I think it's because Zebras are the most wild animal of all the forests. So get that wild animal within turn't and cops that zebra costume. Make it perfect with a set of Zebra arms for your shades. Unless you're tame, if you're tame then that's cool too. Just stay home.

Intergalactic Space Thugs: So you're into aliens huh? Me too, okay - Go to the Halloween store right now, before these all sell out (hydrogen scepter not included) Get yourself a matching paisley bandana, and some other thug worthy attire and then get yourself a pair of Gramps Galaxy shades to hold onto, because I have no idea how you're going to fit them over those bulbous masks.

Hollow Man: Remember that weird movie Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon? He was just some weirdo that got his jollies off being some type of invisible scientest pervert. Well, if that's your deal, pick up a pair of Vapor frames - They are crystal clear and will match your invisible eyes and keep them safe from all dem harmful UV rays. This is also a great costume if you don't really want to go out, because you can say you were there and really just stay at home and do nothing. "You just couldn't see me, because I was... HOLLOW MAN!!!!!!!!!!"

Chess Champion: Speaking of not going out - You can be chess prodigy, Bobby Fischer who just disappeared. You can be him, with a sweet set of Checkmate shades - Featuring the ever-safe black and white color way.

A paint splatter: This one is a stretch, but paint splatters made a comeback this year too. Plus there's not a whole lot to being a paint splatter for a night. Slap some Party Shades splatter arms on your shades and you're set. It's like winning the lotto, without the hassle of having to win the lotto.


MY DUDE SPOT : Hey! When did they take my dude spot off the 7-Up cans? It's time he made a comeback. And by him, I mean you. Since I don't see any off-the-shelf costumes for my main man, We're going to have to get crafty up in this peice. Go get yourself one of those crappy M&M costumes, a can of red Krylon and a set of Ulta-Blackout Party Shades. Paint the M&M all red and make him a little black O for a mouth. Put the shades on your damn head and you're set.


T1000: So you want to be someone cool and famous? Alright - Let's take it back a decade or two - None of this Batman, Superman, Jesse Pinkman shit... I know what you're thinking I am gonna wrap myself in tinfoil and be the T-1000. You're on the right track, but let us help you perfect that costume a bit. Add some Party Shades T-1000 shades and you go from depressingly pathetic to amazingly authentic.

Risky Business: T2 too new school 4 u? AIGHT THEN, Let's rewind it 3 decades (because that's as far as I can count anyways) and you're going to be Tom Cruise from Risky Business. Get yourself some Ultra-blackout Cruiser Party Shades and some of your daddy's smokes and you're set. To really set it off, dance around some random girls living room in your tidy-whiteys. (bonus points for both skid marks and leaving before the cops come)


Slimer (Slimer from Ghostbusters): Everyone is always a Ghostbuster, but rarely do we see a perfectly executed Slimer. And let's face it, Slimer is the best character from the movie. Ghostbusters would have been out of a job hadn't it been for this flying booger man. Okay, Okay, you may not be able to pull off a good Slimer, but you can at least rock the Slimer shades to show everyone you tried your hardest (and you did, we know.)


A Fisherman: For those too cool to dress outside of their comfort-zone, you can always adorn some manly Party Shades Brand Real-Bush™ camo, stick some tackle to your hat and carry around some stinky trouts. Don't forget fishing is plain impossible without sunglasses, so don't even try this one unless you have some.


A bottle of meds: If you weren't able to walk away from this post with some solid ideas, then I only have one Halloween prescription left for you. Get yourself a set of our RX white shades, consume everything in the tube and call me in the morning. My number is 191-122-1485

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