2013 Treasure Island Music Fest: Wrap up

The Treasure Island Music fest is a special event for us because it is the first event we ever did, and was also the first time we had our shades available to the public. The 2013 TIMF event marks our one year anniversary and as always this festival is a blast to both attend and be a vendor at. This year we were busy as heck and I didn't get to get up in the mix as much, but that's supposed to be a good thing. Also they wouldn't let me bring my camera in the 2nd day (no press pass - busted!) so what you see is just what was captured on Sat.


The wall of shades! With some limited ed. Fader colors in the mix

Pengu is now a year old as well.

Being inside the booth is almost like a one way mirror


Antwon killed it. Got to hear Helicopter, which was dope.

Nilte killed it on the sales floor.

A little musical chairs with the shades. Neil also was a huge help again this year.


The reverse mermaid chilled in front of the booth all day long.


Plenty of great photo ops with this thing.


The booth looked like this most of Sat. STACKED!

All dem shades...



Always down to ride, GRAMPS!

The crow whisperer pulled for us big time this year. Thanks MANG.

The later in the day it got, the wilder the rev-mermaid became.

Then the horses came to play.


Slunkin' em


Yall best horse head your 32


The infamous Ferris Wheel

Everyone loves Neil.


Prison poses

Pretty prime location - right behind the fire wheel.

This blur Sums up TIMF pretty well for us. UNTIL NEXT TIME!




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