2013 TIMF wrap-up (the cellular version)

by A. Sanders October 22, 2013

You best believe we were snapping till our phones went dead. These pics include a few candid shots from Sunday since we had the mishap with the cool cam.


Starting this mug out right - Straight CHILLLINGGGGG.

Flabongo thru the merm.

Flamingu wanted his pic taken. Well, we took his pic.



The HOLY GHOST wore our shades on stage! We made it, time to close up shop!

Getting a little tricky with a video profile (coming soon)

Everyone dug the R. Mermaid

The booth was BUZZING!!

Everyone was buzzing.


Doug said he'd die a HAPPY man after this.

:P :P :P

Starfucker threw out all these blow up dolls, we got to encounter a few.


Flabongos all day - all night.

Distractions aplenty.

Prison poses with the long (and beautiful) arm of the law

Don't tell 'em where you got the hat!



A. Sanders
A. Sanders

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