Kick off summer with Heat Wave Visual - All new arms and customs.

Stars & Stripes customs: Back to back world war champs, and home of the free. The best of the best, hands down. Be proud, be American. Show your patriotism by rocking these Highly Visual shades that feature American Flag prints on both arms - Available in complete or arms only.


Traditional stars and stripes


Black Ops


The Leisure Hunter custom is our first collaboration with our dude VIKTOR SIMCO, who's been repping the brand since the beginning. The shades feature a Hunter Green Fader frame and our new, authentic TROPICAMO arm pattern. The perfect shades for those who are unrelenting in their pursuit of leisure. Additionally - each pair comes complete with a Real Bush Shade Saver to complete the kit! Available in Faded green with the Camo arms, or arms only.

Tropical Turquoise.

Woodland complete

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