Highly Visual Heat: Introducing Hyper Space & Floral prints

Summer is here (TODAY!) It's time to get your kit in check so we've got 2 HIGHLY VISUAL arm drops for you on this glorious Friday...

Floral Full Prints: Add a touch of class to your setup with our timeless floral full-print arms. Set things off by matching them with other floral patterns, or wear them on their own. Guaranteed fresh, printed in California.

HYPER SPACE: These arms feature a highly visual space full-print on both sides, the detail on these arms was so good it actually caused N.A.S.A to call it quits on its space program... Printed right here in California, actually kind of next to the Ames Research Center and the Blue Cube (R.I.P.)

You're not gonna want to let these ones float on by - Pick both of these arms up today in the arms section here.

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