Pro-Line Racing to release Chris Isenhouer / Heat Wave Visual truck body

Pro-Line Racing to release Chris Isenhouer / Heat Wave Visual truck body

Sometimes things happen so quickly you don't really have time to take it in. Pro-Line reached out some time ago to Chris and us here at Heat Wave Visual to see if we would license our logos to be put on a body made for the Traxxas UDR - The ultimate RC Trophy Truck. One simple HELL YES and we were off to the races. Fast forward a few months and we couldn't be happier with the end result. I think Chris stated this was a dream come true, and I know for one my 10 year old self would have absolutely killed for this body / look for any of my RC cars. Heck, I'd kill for it now.

We have been known to dabble in a bit of RC where we have spent countless hours modifying trucks, and making custom Heat Wave bodies (You can look back at these blog posts and see for yourself) We started painting RC car bodies pretending they were the real thing, until we actually started designing a couple liveries for the real things, and now we have the RC aftermarket coming to us and making the real thing into RC versions. It's really come full circle. so having this now available to the mass market is kind of one of those things where you have to pinch yourself and say, is this really real? I'd say Chris was right when he said it was a dream come true.

This isn't quite out yet, but will be available very soon.

Heat Wave Visual Pro Line RC car

Heat Wave RC car

Pro line describes it as the following: This is a 1967 Ford® F-100 Race Truck Heat Wave Visual® Edition (Black) Body for the Unlimited Desert Racer®. Now you can build a fully licensed replica of the popular full-size Heatwave® Trophy Truck driven by Chris Isenhouer! Chris races his iconic Black and Gold Heat Wave Visual® Ford® F-100 converted to Trophy Truck specs in the unrelenting desert along with his brother Nick. Pro-Line is proud to bring Chris’ truck to life for your Traxxas® UDR® made from Pre-Painted and Pre-Cut Black Polycarbonate. The massive Black and Gold Heatwave® decal wrap is also included and pre-cut for easy installation. The body features the iconic flat front F-100 grill and wide fender flares to represent the aggressive fiberglass bulges found on Chris's full-size race truck. Pro-Line's 1967 F-100 Heat Wave Visual® Edition body mounts directly to the cage on the UDR® in the same locations as the stock body, so all you need to do is remove the outer film, place the wrap following the included instructions, and install the body just like you would the stock body. Transform the look of your Unlimited Desert Racer® and add even more scale realism with the fully licensed 1967 Ford® F-100 Race Truck Heat Wave Visual® Edition Body from Pro-Line!

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