Sporty #13: Glamour, Testing & Race Day @ The Mint 400

Sporty #13: Glamour, Testing & Race Day @ The Mint 400

Now that you've seen the build pics, here's the best part - The complete pics.

Mint 400 Harley Davidson
Sporty #13 is fresh off the lift and officially ready for a test ride, sans graphics. I shot a couple pics of it before it got dirty, just in case I wrecked it, and it looked pretty damn good all black.

Desert Race Sportster
Oh so fresh.

Inaugural test ride on the home HWV flat track - Shaking things loose.

Dirt Bike Sportster
And the Glamour: On location and ready for racing. This 24 year old, 471 pound Sporster sure did look good all dressed up.

Harley Davidson dirt bike
It's all about the details

Every Angle
Every Angle

Desert Sportster
Don't let the looks fool you, while it may look great this is no nimble dirt bike. 471 pounds of steel, iron (and other heavy parts)

Harley Davidson Sportster tank
Again, all about the details

Harley Davidson enduro bike
Reliable, rough and ready. And Heavy. Very Heavy.

Harley Davidson in the dirt
Rock Chipping

Heat Wave Harley Davidson in the dirt
As heavy as it is, it's got a ton of power. When things are going well and you're not fighting the it's an absolute high-powered blast to ride.

Jumping a Harley Davidson
While I'm not too sure how many high impacts (if any) the front neck is rated for it didn't stop me from blasting off anything I could find

Harley Davidson Mint 400
Ripping through the NV desert

Mint 400
When it was all said and done the had minimal issues and landed me in 4th place out of a small class of 15 entries. A lot of bikes didn't last, and a scheduling error further messed things up, but that's racing. Time to make some changes and start training for 2021

Special thanks to my pit crew for keeping my hydrated and the bike fueled, and the booth crew for keeping things working like a well oiled machine on Fremont St. while I was goofing off trying to race.

Photo cred for race day shots: Black Hat Studios

Shout out to the people who finished before me:
1st: Mikey Hill (Mikey Virus)
2nd: Arnie Wells
3rd: Jason Klements

And of course my good friends who all came out to ride: Sam Infantino, Grant Manson, Brandon Gonzales and Mark Atkins.



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