Gambler 500

Gambler 500 X Heat Wave Visual

Gambler 500 X Heat Wave Visual

We're back for the 3rd year in a row as a sponsor for one of our favorite events of the year, The Gambler 500, where you take a car in questionable condition that is under $500 and try and blaze your way through roughly 500 miles of GPS coordinates. The gamble is whether the car will even make it, thus the name.

This event is a blast and is for everyone. It has attracted thousands of people each year making it now the largest rally in the world, and is also a huge movement in public land clean up. Each year literally tons of garbage are picked up and removed from the national forest by it's creators and participants.

For this year's special edition collaborative eye-wear project with the Gambler 500 we put our heads together to make a great rally inspired arm design that is hooked up to select colors in our best-selling Lazer Face frame. Each pair comes with a matching box and microfiber. Available in limited quantities and once they are gone that's it.

Available now through and the

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