Hoonigan X Heat Wave Visual

Hoonigan X Heat Wave Visual

We finally teamed up with the heavy weights. A company that has defined an entire subculture and generation in the automotive world. We all know the The Hoonigans from the world famous viral Gymkhana series with the HIIC, all the way down to daily transmissions and the insane burn yard bashes. Hoonigan has blazed a trail and drawn in millions.

Hoonigna Sunglasses

It was a dream collaboration for us at Heat Wave since the beginning, and now everything has happened so fast it still feels like just that. We’ve rubbed our eyes, and pinched ourselves this morning and this one is very real. HGN X HWV is here.

Featuring the first ever white Lazer Frame dipped in Hoonigans famous Red/White/Blue livery. Perfect for the 4th (if you get them in time) If you’re into more of a sleeper setup we have our staple Vise with the Hoonigan scatter print in all black. Each pair is sold with a custom microfiber and box and is available in limited numbers exclusively through Heat Wave and the Hoonigan.com

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