Jessi Combs Foundation X HWV

Jessi Combs Foundation X HWV

Jessi should come as no stranger as one of the baddest females to have ever done it - with serious skills behind the wheel and wrench she made herself known world-wide through TV shows such "Overhaulin", “Xtreme 4×4” and “Mythbusters" her enthusiasm for fabrication and racing ran deep as it was more than just her passion, it was her life.

Jessi lived that life to the absolute fullest. Unfortunately Jessi passed away trying to one up her own land speed world record of 522MPH late last year and while she is dearly missed and left this world far too soon, she did so doing what she loved - breaking stereotypes and pushing the boundaries. Her legacy lives on thru The Jessi Combs Foundation, so it only made sense for us to make something to give back to the foundation created in her name to enable the spread of her message and legend.

For this project we started out with Jessi's frame of choice, the Vise and added her signature red polka-dot pattern along the arms. The package is finished off with a matching microfiber and custom box.

100% of the proceeds from this collaboration go towards the Jessi Combs Foundation.

This helps fund the empowerment, inspiration and education of the next generation of female Trail Blazers, like Jessi herself.

These are also available through the foundation exclusively through Hiroad


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