2018 Mint400 X Heat Wave Visual

2018 Mint400 X Heat Wave Visual
Mint400 sunglasses
2018 Marks the Mint400's 50th anniversary, and our 4th consecutive Mint400 official sunglasses, which are available now here.

It's an honor to once again be the official sunglasses sponsor of The Mint400 and even more so this year being the 50th anniversary. This years Mint400 X Heat Wave VISE package steps it up a notch by adding gold outer prints, Pantone matched gold emblems, and inside prints with fully custom Mint400 50th anniversary boxes and microfibers. A ton of these will end up in racer bags and just a handful are available for sale pre-mint400.  Order them here, or get them straight from the source March 8th -10th in Las Vegas Nevada at The Mint400.

Get yours now here.

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