Ruling at the 2018 Mint400 - Part 1

Ruling at the 2018 Mint400 - Part 1

The Mint400 is still our #1 - Not our first event, but one of strongest. Many may not know, but when we changed our name to Heat Wave Visual, we did so on the way to the 2014 Mint400 from a wifi hotspot. For the past 4 years we have collaborated to create a unique pair of sunglasses to set things off and for that we have become the official sunglasses partner of the Mint400, and with that comes booth space. We have continually grown since 2014 and so has the aforementioned booth, this year we were front and center on Fremont street, where the Mint400 tech and contingency takes place and we made it count.

Wrong race! We know the Mint400 is an off-road event, and we love off-road but we still had to bring our High Life car. It's rich history and stark contrast makes it a constant attraction.

The debut of Hi-VIS crew member Chris Isenhouer's new look for his F100 was the first truck featured on Fremont St. That's pretty major for the largest off-road event in America...And you already know this thing turned out perfect. Black and gold never gets old.

The booth attracts all - Even #1 Voss man stops by to kick tires for a bit.

Our booth displays were quite the hit. Someone even made off with one of our gold 55 gallon drums. Go figure.

Set up just for the lads was a true classic - Ivan Stuart's 1989 Super Off-Road stand-up arcade loaded with the coveted Trak Pak. And if you didn't notice we even designed up a custom heat wave skin to keep things fresh.

Speaking of black & gold - Even Ryan Kibbe (Kibbetech) made his rounds. New Jeep looks badass, buddy!

If you were there then you know. If not, here's what the booth looked like pretty much the entire time. SLAMMED.

The homies that make events like this possible trying to catch a quick break amidst the madness.

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