New Year. New Gear.

New Year. New Gear.

2017 has been an incredible year for Heat Wave. With lazer like focus we have grown leaps and bounds. Sure the brand had its dark times, were many days it seemed like it just wasn't going to work, but we always somehow figured out a way. You've followed us through it all. 2017 was the year we really saw light. It absolutely blew away our wildest expectations. And don't get us wrong - we are by no means a big company, still operating with just a couple hands on deck to make it work - but with your support and no shortage of hard work we are making it happen every day. For everyone that is supporting; Friends, Family, team riders, and followers - we are so thankful to have be apart of Heat Wave. Because by supporting us, by following us you really are part of what makes this brand what it is. In the end we just want to make cool shit you guys like, whether it be sunglasses, media, clothing, whatever and that in the end is what truly drives us. Thank you again, and cheers to everyone and kicking ass in 2018. And with that; NEW YEAR. NEW GEAR.

The 4 Speed Hoodie is back, in RWB!

The OG 4 speed is back as well.

The USA Speed 2.0 is back too.

Beanies are back and better than ever, including an all new POM version.

OG cuff beanies are available as well.

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