Behold, HWV 2.0 - The all new website is LIVE

Behold, HWV 2.0 - The all new website is LIVE

2017 has been a banner year for Heat Wave in more ways than one. We're always aiming for progression, constantly raising the bar for ourselves and the new upgrade to the site is no exception. Introducing, the all new, better than ever, certified Highly Visual HWV 2.0.

New features besides the most obvious face lift include:

Last but not least we've spent an extensive amount of time and resources revamping what you love most about the Heat Wave site - THE HI-VIS CUSTOMIZER. This complete overhaul features life-like renders, with both front and side angles to give you a better view of what the final product looks like. Overall the customizer just provides a Highly Visual™ experience and also includes more options than ever before. Go give it a full test drive and see for yourself here.


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