Temp Drop. Heat Up. New HWV sweatshirts

Temp Drop. Heat Up. New HWV sweatshirts

Smash through the gears and make your competitors choke on your dust with the 4 Speed Sweatshirt. Featuring a total of 4 logo hits, featuring everyone's new favorite the Billboard logo, along with alternating colored prints on the sleeves."No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he rubbed you. And rubbin, son, is racin'."

Also available in red.

No pits allowed, we're eating ice cream.

We brought back our best-selling USA speed hoodie, and spun it back to the basics with standard logo hits on the front and sleeves. Take all that and add the Red white and blue to the back and you have a combo that cannot be beat.

Crusin' USA!


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