GM Goodwrench X Heat Wave LONG SLEEVE T-Shirt

  • GM Goodwrench is an unmistakable American brand that changed the game for General Motors dealership service departments. It raised the bar in the dealership world for consumer vehicle service in all regards, and would become a house-hold name associated with quality. GM's involvement in motorsports and eventual sponsorship of championship winning teams at the pinnacle of auto racing elevated the brand to a legendary status. Goodwrench would become cemented into history books, and ingrained within the DNA of motorsports forever.

    In 2011 a marketing effort that sought to hone brand focus, GM changed the Goodwrench name out to "GM Certified Service" but to this day the mere mention of the Goodwrench name instantly warms you over with golden era nostalgia.
    This project celebrates that era, the GM brand, and the impact it has made on American automotive culture.
    This long-sleeve t-shirt features opposing arm graphics (Heat Wave + Goodwrench) with Goodwrench Service PLUS on the front left chest, and a stylized Chevrolet Lumina on the back.

  • 100% Cotton Long Sleeve - Printed here in the USA.

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