Heat Wave X Horizon Hobby Recoil 2 Remote Controlled Boat - 26 Inch

A special Heat Wave edition Horizon Hobby pro boat.

Sale price$ 389.99

California residents, please read the Proposition 65 warning

Heat Wave X Horizon Hobby Recoil 2 Remote Controlled Boat - 26 Inch

The Recoil 2 V2 26" Brushless Deep-V Self-Righting RTR Boat gives you the proven performance you expect from a Pro Boat product with looks that will turn heads. Utilizing the self-righting Recoil 2 hull you can expect excellent overall performance on the water with the ability to flip back over in the event of an unfortunate crash. If it flips, just press the self-righting button on its custom programmed Spektrum SLT3 transmitter and you are back to carving up the water.

Its V-hull design is a game-changer, allowing the Recoil 2 V2 to slice effortlessly through the water, ensuring a smooth and stable ride, even in the most challenging conditions. At the heart of this powerhouse is the included brushless power system, featuring the Spektrum 2300Kv Brushless Outrunner Marine Motor, paired with a 100A Spektrum Brushless ESC. Together, they generate an impressive 35+ mph of wake-inducing action, leaving others in awe of your boat's speed and agility.

One standout feature of the motor is its integrated weight on the outrunner, making weighted couplers a thing of the past. With this ingenious design, the Recoil 2 V2 boasts self-righting capabilities like no other. Gone are the worries of a sudden wipeout on the lake – simply press the self-righting button on the custom programmed Spektrum SLT3 radio transmitter, and your boat flips back upright, ready for more action. This cutting-edge innovation is exclusive to the Recoil 2 V2, setting it apart from all other boats in the market.

For newcomers to the hobby, the Smart 3S 3200mAh battery and S120 USB Smart Charger are perfect choices. The versatile charger can utilize any USB port for power, making it a breeze to keep your boat juiced up and ready to go. Even a boat stand and AA transmitter batteries are included, providing a hassle-free setup and ensuring you're good to go straight out of the box.

With customizable Heat Wave Visual Pro Boat Recoil 2 V2 Deep-V boat isn't just about performance, it's a statement of style! Whether you're a seasoned RC boating enthusiast or just getting started, this ready-to-run masterpiece makes it easier than ever to conquer the lake and leave a trail of excitement in your wake. So buckle up and brace yourself for unparalleled fun and adventure on the water with the Recoil 2 V2!

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