MXG-250 Laminated Tear-Offs (3 Pack)

      • We have teamed up with the best in the industry; RACING OPTICS® to use their patented laminated tear-off system, custom fit to the HEAT WAVE MXG-250 to clear the way with a flick of the wrist.

        Each tear off pack includes an optically clear, laminated system with 7 tear offs in each pack.

        SOLD IN 3 PACK (21 tear offs total)

        Click here for TEAR-OFF install video

      • SOLD IN 3 PACK (21 tear offs total)

        Triple post tear off support for Racing Optics 7 Layer Laminated system

      • This goggle offers a certain degree of eye protection for use in motorsports, but they do not guarantee complete protection in every situation. It is crucial to securely fit the lenses into the frame for optimal performance. It's important to note that motorsports, namely motorcycle and UTV riding is inherently dangerous, and relying solely on these goggles does not ensure safety or prevent accidents or injuries. Please be aware that our goggles were not specifically designed to protect against hard objects or in the event of a fall. Heat Wave Visual Inc. cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained while using our goggles. Additionally, it is not recommended to use tinted lenses in low-light conditions such as nighttime or twilight. While our goggles provide enhanced protection against small particles, they are not designed to prevent injuries caused by high-energy impacts or severe bending, twisting, torsion, or crushing forces resulting from collisions. It's crucial to understand that no protective goggles can offer complete protection against all types of injuries.

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