Vector Sunglasses: Anti Fog CLEAR Z87+

Say Goodbye to the FOG GUY

Sale price$ 95.00

California residents, please read the Proposition 65 warning

Vector Sunglasses: Anti Fog CLEAR Z87+

Fogged up lenses are annoying, but lets be honest, they are downright hazardous. Simply put, if you can't see what you're doing you could wind up in a jackpot in the blink of an eye, and we ain't talkin' about the Powerball.

Introducing Heat Wave Anti Fog Tech. Each pair features a dual surface lens coating that prevents condensation from forming, ensuring your vision stays crystalline and your glasses stay on.

The Vector - A visual machine like no other: Powerful, versatile, unstoppable – The Vector is engineered by Heat Wave Visual for ultra-dynamic performance in a Z87+ complete package.

The Vector offers Heat Wave’s renown aesthetics and features an all new Hytrel® nose piece and unique frame design that is not only the lightest HWV frame to date at only 1.3 OZ., but is the most flexible allowing for superior adaptability and comfort. The end result is cutting edge eye-wear that blends both form and function without sacrificing either for the other.

The Vector is also available in XL

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