VISE Z87 BI-FOCAL Sunglasses: BLACK Lens

Our staple for standard eyewear

Sale price$ 55.00

Magnification Strength: +1.0

Magnification Strength

Add Z87+ Side Shields for $10?: No

Add Z87+ Side Shields for $10?

California residents, please read the Proposition 65 warning

VISE Z87 BI-FOCAL Sunglasses: BLACK Lens

These are perhaps the greatest enhancement to the Vise Z87 ever - Introducing seamless BI-FOCAL lenses that allows you to literally enhance the environment around you.

These BI-FOCAL lenses feature no visible lens cuts on the exterior, and take up roughly the lower 20% of the lens for a non-intrusive magnification that works seamlessly in everyday scenarios. 

The BI-FOCAL saves the day when your eyes are struggling to make heads or tails of smaller text or you're just trying to score a better view of what you're working on.
Available in the Vise Z87 and XL Vise Z87 in magnification ranges from 1.0 - 2.5


About the Vise® Z87: features an all TR90 construction and tightly holds form and function together, as the Vise® Z87 meets ANSI Z.87 mass-impact requirements (and Z87+ with add on side-shields) featuring 1.9mm thick lenses to aid in protection against basic impacts and flying debris, which enables the Vise® to transcend just that of a regular pair of sunglasses.

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